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A key strategy in QUIK-EF's Rodent Control
A key strategy in QUIK-EF's Rodent Control System calls for alternating anticoagulant baits (Jaguar and Hawk) with non-anticoagulant bait (Rampage) in a yearly Bait Rotation Program. QUIK-EF's Bait Rotation Program knocks down the initial infestation and keeps any subsequent invaders under control. Each bait has its own unique characteristics and, when they are used in a yearly cycle, rodents do not build up a resistance to any active ingredient.
TWO MONTHS: RAMPAGE We Start with Rampage for two months to reduce the population in the shortest amount of time. This fast-acting, acute bait contains Bromethalin which kills rats and mice within 24 hours. Within a day or two, rodent numbers drop. And, once they consume a lethal dose, rodents stop feeding. Less bait is used to kill more rodents.
After two months of Rampage, we switch to strong anticoagulant bait, Jaguar, for four months. Its active ingredient, Brodifacoum, kills any new or remaining rodents in a single feeding. While Jaguar controls both rats and mice, it is especially effective on hard-to-control mouse populations. Just 2 grams will kill a rat and 0.2 gram is all you need for a mouse.
Once rodents have been reduced, we switch to a maintenance bait, Hawk, to control any rodents that get into your facility. Hawk contains Bromadiolone that kills rats and mice in a single feeding. Small amounts are lethal and palatability is high. With its great flavor and effective active ingredient, Hawk competes well against animal feed for excellent control day in and day out. QUIK-EF's Bait Rotation Program works well for all baiting situations, both indoors and outside. As part of a comprehensive rodent control program, we set up accurate recordkeeping procedures to keep track of problem areas and control measures in place, particularly the placement of bait stations.
Service cards that come with the bait stations are invaluable for keeping track of a bait schedule, baits used and the results. Or we set up your own system for tracking this information Sketch a diagram of your facility indicating problem spots and where bait stations were placed. This is useful for tracking the results of our baiting efforts. Use it to evaluate what is working and where adjustments are needed Quik-Ef’s representatives have developed materials to assist customers in keeping records of their rodent control practices.


A technician receives the most extensive training in the industry and are continuously updated on the most effective insect and rodent control techniques. In addition, we are available to work with warehouse staff and management to conduct workshops about sanitation, pest identification, or practices facilitating a pest management program. Inspection and Monitoring - The inspection process is crucial for an effective pest elimination program. Since conditions in the warehouse are constantly changing, the inspection process is continuous. Pests from incoming goods and services are also a threat. With QUIK-EF’S inspection process, technicians can proactively service each warehouse and prevent unwanted pests from becoming established.
Application of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Techniques
Preventing pests from entering structures and destroying their harborage areas is necessary. Exclusion and other control methods may involve Caulking around utility lines.Using insect and rodent sticky traps.
Modifying or installing insect light traps.
This approach to pest management pays great dividends over time. It increases the effectiveness of the pest management program while relying less on traditional pesticides. Application of Pest Specific Baits - We apply pest specific baits for maximum effectiveness. These materials are applied where the pests live - in cracks, crevices, and voids. This yields greater results and less human exposure. The materials are made according to the individual biology and habits of targeted pests. They are much less toxic to non-target organisms. Known as "prescription treatment," it is the most effective method of pest control available
Customer Communication
Effective communication between the QUIK-EF’S professional, warehouse management and personnel, and warehouse inspectors is crucial. To enhance the communication process we use Service Record Notebooks, Sighting Logs, Application Records, and Sanitation Reports. These also help prevent potential health, legal and financial problems associated with pest infestation.
Quality Assurance
In addition to the service provided by us, Corporate support is available. Our service includes inspections performed by Quality Assurance Managers from our Corporate Office. Quality Assurance Managers inspect warehouse facilities to evaluate our service. Written reports are given to plant management, the local district and the Corporate Office. Each report is thoroughly evaluated and if the situation warrants action, follow-through is immediately implemented. QUIK-EF’S commitment to quality service is evident at all levels and customer satisfaction is our number one goal.


About Cockroaches, Other Pests and Asthma
Droppings or body parts of cockroaches and other pests can trigger asthma. Certain proteins, called allergens, are found in cockroach feces and saliva and can cause allergic reactions, or trigger asthma symptoms, in some individuals. Cockroaches are commonly found in crowded cities and the southern parts of Ghana. Cockroach allergens likely play a significant role in asthma in many inner-city areas.
Actions You Can Take
An important key to pest management is to remove places in your home for pests to hide and to keep exposed areas free of food and water. But remember, pesticides you may spray to prevent pests are not only toxic to pests, they can harm people too. Try to use pest management methods that pose less of a risk.
Getting rid of pests often requires the use of harsh chemicals, but companies can use products of varying toxicities in order to end infestations. In fact, some companies focused on eco-consciousness don’t use chemicals, but implement different, natural ways to get rid of pests instead.
Preventative care
Some pest control companies specialize in setting up a system ´╗┐that makes it nearly impossible for an infestation to happen in the first place. Some preventative care measures include filling holes through which pests can come in, removing items to which they are attracted, and spraying chemicals which repel them to keep them away.
Chemical control
Chemical control is a popular method of getting rid of pests in a home, during which a pest control company uses harsh chemicals, like Piperonyl Butoxide, to rid the house of unwanted creatures.


Entry points Insects can enter your business through cracks and crevices. Rodents can gain entry through small holes the size of a dime. They can also be transported through supply deliveries.
Food Sources
The tiniest crumb can support pest infestations. One grape can feed up to 600 cockroaches; even the glue from delivery boxes can provide food for pests..
Water Sources
Pests thrive in water, and need water daily, so they will forage until they find it. Leaks in plumbing and roofs will support pest infestations and hamper control efforts. Harborage Points Cracks and crevices can provide a home and breeding space for pests and rodents. Rodents sometimes will nest in voids on the interior and burrows on the exterior.
General Areas
Health risks and pest sightings can destroy your business. Protection is essential to the health of your employees and customers.
If you encounter a pest infestation within your home, the first thing you must do is call upon a professional company who have the necessary tools, techniques and experience to swiftly eradicate the problem at the earliest opportunity. If the issue is left to grow over time, a greater risk to your health will develop. We at Quik-Ef Pest Management have the necessary attributes to tackle the infestation you are suffering from by using only the best possible techniques. Rodents such as mice and rats are a common problem found in a variety of properties. Alongside causing significant damage to the structure of your property, severe health implications like Hanta Virus can also become apparent for you and your family if a plan of action is not put in place. Those living on their own or in a family with children are equally vulnerable to the effects rodent droppings and diseases can cause. Rats and mice are renowned for carrying a number of deadly diseases and should anyone come into contact with them, the effects can be very dangerous. An infestation of smaller pests such as ants, cockroaches and bed bugs can also have dangerous consequences on your health like asthma. Calling in the professional services provided here by Quik-Ef Pest Management will ensure that the correct techniques and repellents are used to eradicate each problem. If you try to use standard insect repellent to remove the pests inside your home, there is a strong possibility that you could be doing more harm than good to the health of both you and others around you. Without tried and tested methods of pest control Surveys, the dangers to your health associated with a pest infestation are increased. Fortunately, we at Quik-Ef Pest Management have the experience to be able to put in place the best course of action to limit the possibility of health problems for you and your family. Cockroaches and Pests


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